3 Easy Ways to Deliver Your Freebie to New Subscribers

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You might have read my post on how I (accidentally) grew my email list to 20,000+ subscribers by offering a free planner printable (check it out here). I can’t recommend offering a high-value freebie to your audience enough. Friends, IT WORKS! It grows not only your email list but also trust and confidence with your audience.

I also think it’s important to deliver your freebie beautifully and seamlessly. If you do a stellar job delivering a freebie, your subscriber grows more confident in purchasing a product or service from you. But if you deliver your freebie in a long, confusing, and clunky way, your subscriber is less likely to engage with you more.

Are you new to the email list building world, and wondering what is an easy way to deliver your freebie to your new email subscribers? I’ve got three simple solutions for you, friend!

1. Deliver with an automated Flodesk workflow

I can't recommend Flodesk enough. It's an intuitive, simple, smart email builder that allows you to design emails people love to get in their inbox (and they look great on any device!). I've used pretty much every email provider out there. (MailChimp, I miss you in NO way, shape, or form, barf!) Flodesk also has an incredible support group on Facebook to answer any questions you have, it's a fast-growing community that supports everyone's online growth!

One of my favorite features of Flodesk is that I pay the *same* amount no matter how large my list grows!! It's true: Flodesk offers unlimited growth with access to all features for the same consistent price. I was paying $230 a month with MailChimp, then I switched to Flodesk and now pay the same amount PER YEAR (with even more subscribers!).

How to deliver your freebie with an automated Flodesk workflow:

1) Create a new list segment, I suggest naming it something related to your freebie offer.

2) Design an email form, where people will sign up for this freebie on your website. Don't forget to use your brand colors. (Not sure how to select your brand colors? I can help you if you click here.)

3) Embed the form onto your site by simply pasting the code into an "embed box" and position it anywhere (I mean anywhere!) on your Sisoo X Showit site. (You're going to freak out over the total design freedom you have with one of my websites!!!)

4) Design an email and add a button that links to the freebie file.

5) Create a workflow in Flodesk that automatically triggers this email to all who subscribe to this segment of your list. You can send it immediately or at a certain time. You can also add automated follow-up emails to this workflow to send to your subscriber at any time in the future!

6) Be sure to publish your workflow.

7) You're done! Sit back, and watch your subscribers come rolling in.

I've used this method on my free planner landing page and it's helped me deliver to thousands and thousands of subscribers! sisoo.com/free-planner

Get Flodesk for 50% off with my link!

Flodesk is in one word is friendly. Plus, it's $38 a month to use the tool, but use my special link to get access to all features for 50% off.  (That's just $19/month for unlimited subscribers!)

2. Deliver with auto-download via Dropbox!

Dropbox is more than storage and syncing across your devices. You can use it to give access to files, videos, images, etc! Here's how to deliver your freebie with auto-download via Dropbox:

1) Your user subscribes to your email form on your website.

2) Set up this segment of your list to automatically redirect to a URL (in Flodesk, this happens in the "customize" step of creating a new email form).

3) Make sure your freebie file is saved on Dropbox.

4) Copy the share URL from Dropbox, it'll look something like this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/b50olm7opytr1s6/mtwtfss-sisoo.pdf?dl=0

5) To have the file auto-download to your visitor's device, change the 0 at the end of the Dropbox URL to a 1! So it would instead be: https://www.dropbox.com/s/b50olm7opytr1s6/mtwtfss-sisoo.pdf?dl=1

6) Use the new link (with the 1 a the end) as the redirect link in your segment settings.

7) The file will now force-download to the subscriber's device as soon as they subscribe.

8) You're done! This is a perfect option if you don't need to send an email, and want to get the freebie file to reach them as quickly and simply as possible.

Try it and click on the two Dropbox links above to experience the difference! It's such a clean and sexy experience by forcing the auto-download. Thanks, Dropbox (and Jessica!) for this awesome and easy way to deliver a freebie.


Save files online and sync them to all your devices. Share files and folders with other people without sending large attachments. Sign up for a free plan that includes 2 GB of storage!

3. Redirect a landing page to a delivery page with Showit

With a Showit website template (check the Sisoo Sites shop here!) you can easily create new and *gorgeous* landing pages where your freebies can best be branded and celebrated.

How TO set up your Showit landing PAGES TO DELIVER delivery YOUR FREEBIE:

1) Create a landing page, for example, yoursite.com/freebie. (This is a page a user will land on from Pinterest or Facebook, for example.)

2) Design the page with brilliant #onbrand images of your freebie. I don't mean screenshots of the file. Make it sexy, make it appealing! Print the freebie, style it with thoughtful props, and create an experience that makes your user feel like they NEED to subscribe and get their hands on your hot freebie. I know from experience, you will have a much higher conversion rate by creating a landing page for your free offer!

3) Embed the email sign-up form somewhere obvious on the page. You can update a Sisoo Site template by simply dragging and dropping (so you can put your form ANYWHERE on your site)!

4) When your user subscribes, redirect them in your Flodesk form settings to another new URL on your site, for example, yoursite.com/freebie-delivery. (You could also redirect them to the same page but a different once hidden canvas view.)

5) With a Sisoo Site you can easily duplicate the original landing page to create a similar delivery page.

6) Add some new content to the delivery page, maybe a "thank you!" Or a video of you explaining how to best use or benefit from the freebie.

7) Then, all you need to do is create a link to directly download the file. You can use the above Dropbox method for auto-download, or you can add the file to your Showit media library, copy the link, and hyperlink it to open in a new tab.

8) Watch the subscribers come rolling in!

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I'm currently pushing on 30,000 subscribers at the time I publish this post. I never thought I could grow an email list that large. If you do anything for your website's growth, start growing your email list by delivering awesome, #onbrand, and *high-value* freebies today. Flodesk, Dropbox, and a Sisoo Site, will all help make it easier and more automated to grow a email list full of happy subscribers.

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I'll receive a small commission if you purchase through my link. Please read full disclosure here.

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